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Originally Posted by indy500 View Post
Easiest way is to buy a vdi, but expensive. The other way I copied it over from Nyroc's atv site.


This mod will eliminate the reverse limiter. Be aware, this can cause a very dangerous situation as you will then have full power in reverse. The limiter is designed in as a safety feature. Defeating it could cause you bodily harm so do this at your own risk. You can also possibly have an issue if you have the reverse bushing instead of bearing if it were to heat up due to the extra power, possibly causing you a lot of damage in the tranny if it were to break. Just so you know what you are getting into. The long term effects have also not been proven so do this mod at your own risk.

First, you need to obtain an automotive style relay, 4 or 5 spades. You only need 4 spades for this mod but if you can only find the 5 spade version, it will still work.

There are two female bayonet connectors behind the tail light. One is blue with a red tracer, the other is orange with a yellow tracer. The blue wire connects to ground with the key on and shifter placed in reverse. Connect the blue/r wire to relay terminal #86 to act as the trigger. Terminal #85 gets hooked to switched 12V power source. These two wires are what cause the relay to activate.

Terminal #87 gets connected to a good ground. Terminal #30 gets connected to the Hi diode, white wire with yellow stripe.

When the relay is activated, it will cause the ground from terminal 87 to be sent to terminal 30. Grounding the Hi diode is what eliminates the reverse limiter.

This is the type of relay you are looking for.

The reverse light wires are located behind your tail light. They can be accessed a little easier from behind your storage box.

The Hi Diode is located under the left side panel taped to the wire loom.

The last picture shows the diode (the black thingy taped to the white plug connector) with wires going to it. you can see roughly where it is by locating your left upper engine mount. you can see corner of it in pic. its a few inches from there. just stick splice or stick or secure a wire from there to the ground. just use alligator clips and test it out first on jack stands or in neutral to see if u have it right. do not cut any wires and dont hack anything near the ecm... except your diff lock wire...
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